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Randel Porter, MA, LPC Intern

The ABOUT ME page is usually where the “I” statements go, so……

I have an undergraduate degree from Bowling Green State University in Ohio.

I have a masters degree from The University of Texas at San Antonio.

And I have an LPC Intern license (#75830) from the State of Texas.

But those things are – literally – just academic.

So here are the “I” statements that really matter:

I’m a psychological detective

…an emotional anthropologist

…and a world-class listener

I help people who are stuck, confused, fed up, hurt, angry, sad, afraid, stressed, and frustrated achieve their desired happiness and peace of mind.

You may feel you are not being heard,

don’t have a voice,

or are even simply afraid to use it.

You may be experiencing this alone, or in the context of a relationship with a spouse, a significant other, a family member, or a co-worker.

These feelings often result in:

Depression. Anxiety. Outbursts.
Indecision. Loss of sense of self.
Inability to express yourself.
Jealousy. Insecurity. Lowered self-esteem.

You may not be sure where you want to be,

but you know that it’s not where you currently are.


The ultimate validation for us is to be recognized for who we are, without judgment, and to be encouraged to be who we want to be.

That’s what we will do together

After getting to know me a little more here, I hope you feel comfortable enough to take the next step and get in touch.

I invite you to please contact me by phone, text, or email to schedule a consultation or an appointment.