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Couples Counseling

If you or your partner have found yourself saying:

I’m alone in this relationship
He/she doesn’t listen to me
I don’t feel appreciated
What happened to the person I fell in love with?
I can’t stay in but I’m afraid to get out
Everything is just boring routine now
Everything they say hurts me
Why do they have to work so much?
How come they won’t change?
Why don’t they have time for me?
We’re not close anymore
Why am I even in this relationship?

…then we might be a good fit to work together.

Each member of a couple has their own unique backstory and understanding of the events that have occurred in their life (more commonly referred to as “baggage”). While you may have many good things in common, it is the way these two different backgrounds interact with each other (outside of your awareness) that often causes discord. Through therapy, we will bring these matters to light in a way that will allow you to form new patterns of interacting. Reclaiming great communication and mutual respect can lead to renewed passion and mutual dedication to the relationship.

This works for any relationship, whether married or not, opposite sex or same sex couples.

Interested in Couples Counseling?

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