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Anxiety, Depression, and Codependency Counseling in San Antonio

... or what I call Happiness Counseling

Happiness Counseling San Antionio

Happiness counseling? What the hell is that???

Why isn’t it

depression counselingoranxiety therapy

or some such thing?

Because while they are very real, those are just symptoms;
helpful signs that something underneath is not the way you want it to be.

And isn’t the ultimate goal to be happy? (I see you mouthing “yes”).

So, in the pursuit of happiness, what do you want to change about yourself?

If you’ve found yourself saying…

I want to:

feel comfortable in my own skin
not worry about what others think
feel independent
feel loved
feel free to make decisions
not feel guilty so often
get in touch with my own wants and desires
stop repeating the same mistakes
get over past trauma
stop my codependence
end my social anxiety
lower my stress
be able to move on
not doubt myself
stop worrying about making everyone else happy
not feel devistated by other people's actions
be able to say no and not feel bad
have a better relationship
accept myself
not feel stuck
live up to my potential
figure out my sexuality
find out what makes me happy
communicate more effectively
have more confidence
be more content
be able to set boundaries
feel ok being alone
be more outgoing
make sense of my childhood/family life
be able to make a change
be a better partner or spouse
improve my self-esteem
figure out what to do with my life
understand how I got into this situation
feel seen and heard
control my anger
choose better partners and friends

…then we may be a good fit to work together.

It’s time to put that skip back in your step and say goodbye to all those distracting messages from the past that offer no value to your present day. Your mind can then become free to happily entertain the thoughts and feelings that bring you JOY. 

I offer depression counseling, anger therapy, self-esteem counseling and anxiety treatment in San Antonio.

Serving the areas of:  San Antonio, Alamo Heights, Olmos Park, Monte Vista, Stone Oak, the Dominion, Shavano Park, Castle Hills, King William, the Pearl, Alta Vista, Downtown San Antonio, Southtown, Medical Center, La Cantera, Northeast San Antonio, North Central San Antonio.

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