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We receive an unlimited number of messages suggesting — and even demanding — who we are to be in order to fulfill our gender "roles."

But who made up these gender obligations?

And who are we pleasing by conforming to them?

In keeping with those stereotypes, here’s a big gender role presumption:

men are exhausted from performing in the manner expected and are desperate to just be themselves.

Are you looking for a place to drop the Superman cape and just be the real you? To talk about your dreams and fears, your failures and successes, with no repercussion or judgment?

For a man, going to therapy does not make you “weak.”

It makes you human.

And that’s precisely what you have been long forbidden to be.

Remember these?

Big boys don’t cry.

You throw like a girl.

What are you, gay?

Man up.

You’re such a momma’s boy.

Nice guys finish last.

Grow some balls!

You’re too sensitive.

Suck it up!

Don’t be a pussy.

What are you, a girl?

…and the adult versions:

A man is the provider!

Men aren't supposed to cry!

Don't show weakness.

You can't handle this?

You can't get it up?

You mean you can't fix that?

Be my knight in shining armor!

I have to endure the world's problems while denying my own.

Why can't you be more sensitive? (Gee, I wonder how that happened….)

I'm required to tolerate your mother!? (optional)

This constant messaging sets up a clash between who you authentically are (in truth, an innocently perfect combination of everything) and you who are expected to be.

Which one "wins" out?


You end up with a false self, which you are then internally tasked to defend.

Good luck with that!

Let’s give you permission to be

heard • acknowledged • validated • respected

and who you truly want to be.

I am a San Antonio men's issues therapist. Offering men's relationships issues, support issues, and men's counseling and therapy in the San Antonio area.

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