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Have you been told that trauma work is “difficult?”

That therapy for trauma might take “years?”

Have existing therapies and medications dulled some symptoms but haven’t reached the root of the problem?

I offer a unique, quick, gentle, and enjoyable approach to PTSD and Trauma Therapy:

  • You won’t have to retell the story of what you experienced.
  • You won’t have to learn “coping skills” or “tools” to address your symptoms.
  • You won’t have to “work.” And certainly not “hard.”
  • You won’t be required to "let go,” “forgive," or "move on.”
  • The treatment is not re-traumatizing (there is no re-experiencing or re-exposing to your fears).

Simply come to your appointment and there is nothing else you need to do. I will do most of the talking and take on the responsibility of causing change and having the session being successful.

Most trauma therapies are distressing, event-focused and time-intensive.

Instead, I use an innovative neuroscience-based approach that clears emotional distress at the subconscious level. This approach pinpoints the root causes of the problems, so they can be cleared and replaced with positive change. Sessions can vary from 1-3 hours in length.

Most clients report achieving significant and lasting results within just 1 - 3 sessions.

In fact…

Treatment is often successful in a single 2 to 3 hour session.

One session?
Yes, sometimes one session is all it takes.
Alternatively, some problems have multiple “roots,” so you may notice an improvement after the first session, but there is more to resolve.
In that case, we will do additional sessions to get it all cleared up.

Clients tell me….

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    I’ve never felt this much clarity along with a sense of calm. I absolutely love the way I feel. Everything about it.
    — — — — — — — — —
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    I feel better. Grounded, peaceful, happier. And oddly going to bed and sleeping straight through the night. That’s very unusual!
    Ralph Waldo Emerson
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    I can think about _____, but I don’t have the old feeling. That was quite a magic trick you did!
    Ralph Waldo Emerson
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    It’s the easiest session I’ve ever done. You did all the work. I didn’t have to do anything.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson
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    I have noticed since we met that I have not had a desire to dwell on traumatic memories. I have been more present. I have been much more positive.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson

Unsolicited comments. Actual emailed or texted comments sent from clients without request.

They tell me they feel lighter and that it is now possible to enjoy life and not experience the problem that had been weighing them down.

This treatment approach is beneficial for all types of trauma – whether it was a single incident or something that occurred repeatedly (e.g. ongoing sexual abuse, war trauma).

This unique therapy is priced hourly at my $300/hour rate.

What I canhelpyou with:


Combat · First Responder · Disasters


Rage · Resentment


Panic · Phobias · Insomnia · Night Terrors · Inhibition


Grief · Heartbreak · Betrayal


Substance Abuse · Destructive Behaviors · Negative Habits


Childhood Abuse · Sexual or Domestic Violence · Bullying


Guilt · Shame · Regret · Heartbreak Sexual Issues · Relationship Conflict

What is Trauma or PTSD?

The simplest definition is when a person is currently triggered or affected by something that happened in the past. In other words, the event is not occurring, but negative effects are being felt as if it is.

There can be many, and varied, originating events for this, including: sexual, physical, or emotional abuse, violence of any kind, military experience, exposure to war, a traumatic childhood, neglect, rape, a serious accident, grief, or witnessing any of these mentioned. Lesser known, but still significant causes include: infidelity, heartbreak, unexpected loss, and more.

I help with PTSD Treatment and Trauma Counseling, Sexual Abuse Treatment, Trauma Therapy, and Anxiety Disorder Treatment in San Antonio and Stone Oak

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